Skin tags can be removed by using the Compound W cryotherapy system. Cryotherapy is the freezing of tissue in order to remove it from the body. When tissue is frozen, ice crystals inside cells expand and destroy the cell walls, causing death of the tissue.

Wash and dry the skin tag and surrounding area. Cryotherapy may cause blistering, and if the blisters are broken, clean skin will reduce the likelihood of infection. Make absolutely sure that the skin is dry before using Compound W.

Lift the skin tag away from the skin to expose the small part of the tag that connects it to the rest of the skin. This part of the skin tag is usually much smaller than the rest of the tag and is closest to the skin. Freezing this part of the skin tag will separate it from the rest of the skin with minimal scarring and pain.

Apply the cryotherapy applicator to the connecting part of the skin tag for approximately 10 seconds. The area in contact with the applicator should turn white and be obviously frozen for one or two seconds after the applicator is removed.

Monitor the skin tag for any changes. If the procedure was done correctly, the skin tag should fall off in 24 to 48 hours. The skin tag can be covered with a bandage or piece of gauze while you are waiting for it to fall off. If the skin tag remains after one week, repeat the process.


Skin tags without a small connecting piece can be frozen like a wart. In this case the skin tag will blister and reduce in size as if it were being absorbed by the body as it heals. Two or three treatments may be needed under these circumstances.


Do not apply the cryotherapy applicator to the same area more than once a week.