Many people become infected with worms from uncooked meat, candy or pets. If you have worms in your stool, finding and identifying them through self examination can provide you with the invaluable knowledge needed to get to a doctor and get treated.

Go to the bathroom when you are about to have a bowel movement and carry with you a pair of latex gloves.

Put the gloves on before you sit down for your bowel movement so that you will be prepared. After your first one or two stools come out and fall into the toilet, pick one out of the toilet for examination. It is better to have a couple of stools ready for examination. In case you don't find any worms in your first stool, you will be able to check the second one to be certain whether or not you have worms.

Examine the stool closely in your hand and check for thin white, stringy lines in your stool or other things that resemble worms. If they are present, then you probably have worms.

Flush your stools down the toilet after examination. Contact your doctor for an appointment since worms are treatable.