There are few things more irritating and painful than a foreign object in the eye. Cats shed their hair constantly and some of the fine hairs in a cat's coat can become airborne. If one of them lands in your eye, you need to remove it immediately. Water is all you need to remove most foreign objects from the eye, even cat hairs.

Go to a sink. A kitchen sink will give you more room, but a bathroom sink will work.

Wash your hands before you attempt to remove the cat hair. This will prevent bacteria from your hands from getting into the eye.

Remove the contact lens from your eye, if you wear contacts.

Turn on the water to a steady stream and set the temperature to lukewarm. Do not use hot water. The last thing you want is burns on the eyeball.

Face the mirror and tilt your head so that the ear on the side of your head with the effected eye is pointed towards the ground.

Move your face close to the stream of water, and tilt your head so the stream from the faucet washes over your eye. You may need to hold the eyelid open.

Flush the surface of the eye until the hair is gone. Check in the mirror every five minutes or so to see if it is out.

Call an eye doctor if the irritation persists after the hair is gone. If the surface of the eye is scratched, infection can set in.


If you can't get your head in the sink, draw the water into a glass or pitcher, and pour the water over your eyeball.


As tempting as it may be, do not rub your eye. You can scratch the surface of the eyeball and cause more damage.