The Lazy-Girls-Guide To Healthy Dinners

Disclaimer: These aren't one-and-done frozen dinners. It's real food. Real cooking. REALLY fast. Part of our Fit Kitchen series, these recipes are nutrient-dense and easy-to-make to help compliment an active, busy-girl lifestyle. If you don't get home from your day until 8pm, there's a big chance you'll end up making an unhealthy dinner choice--we're guilty too! All of these dishes take less than 20 minutes with minimal ingredients - they're built for one but can easily be doubled for two, etc. On the menu we have 1) baked halibut where everything simply cooks in parchment paper for 10 minutes, 2) stuffed avocado with shrimp and lots of other delicious flavors, and 3) a layered grain-free salad that's packed with protein and veggies.

Which one will you try? Dish in the comments!