Setting the mood for your holiday party (or any party for that matter) is heavily dependent on the decor. The colors, textures, scents and overall display changes the entire theme and personality of the party. There are a few major things to consider: tablescape, menu and movement.

1) Movement

Movement is a fun way for guests to be able to get up and move around - think, a bar on one side of the room and an hors d'oeurves table on the other. Maybe add a cupcake decorating station in the corner for kids!

2) Tablescape

For the holidays we believe that the decor should be fun and elegant. Our Petite Pom Pom Table is just that, understated pieces that come together to create one of those "WOW" set-ups. If you want to make your decor a little more bold, a big rose centerpiece is perfect. The colors alone give a feeling of love and gratitude, and isn't that what the holidays are about?

3) Dessert

The most important part of the party is obviously dessert. To make it interactive and exciting (rather than putting your guests into a food coma), we have two dessert tables that work every time - an ice cream bar and a candy/baked goods table. The ice cream bar lets people personalize and get creative with their dessert, where a candy/baked goods table gives people a wide assortment of goodies to try.

So, pick your color scheme, get creative and most importantly, have fun!!

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