If you’re waking up groggier than usual, but nothing has physically changed in your routine, you might be under stress you don’t even know about! The end of the summer can bring a lot of mixed feelings: what did you accomplish, what didn’t you accomplish, you’re not ready for cold weather, what’s still on your to-do list?… It can go on, and on. In the midst of all of these emotionally-taxing feelings, there are numerous practices you can start to incorporate into your daily life, to counter the stress. We rounded up some of our best self-improvement videos dealing with work stress, chakra alignment and yoga poses, sleep hacks and a few ways to boost your mood throughout the day. Plus, one of our all-time favorite ways to relax: an Aromatherapy Eye PillowWatch the playlist above for all of our tips and tricks on de-stressing, relaxing, and getting your sh*t together! #NoBadDays

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