If you're waking up groggier than usual, but nothing has physically changed in your routine, you might be under stress you don't even know about! The end of the summer can bring a lot of mixed feelings: what did you accomplish, what didn't you accomplish, you're not ready for cold weather, what's still on your to-do list?... It can go on, and on. In the midst of all of these emotionally-taxing feelings, there are numerous practices you can start to incorporate into your daily life, to counter the stress. We rounded up some of our best self-improvement videos.

1.  Alleviate work stress

Everyone has their own stress-relieving habits, but these are some of the simplest practices we feel the most benefit from. The three main things to pay attention to when you’re stressed are your mind, body, and environment. Meditating and stretching help ease muscle tension--this short yoga practice will fill you with oxygen--or just sit back, have some tea and treat your skin to a calming face mask. Create a soothing environment by adding plants or flowers to your house. And finally, put the phone down. Watching your ex’s instagram story won’t help you alleviate any kind of stress--let your mind rest!

2.  Practice chakra alignment and yoga poses

Chakras are the 7 energy wheels in the body that help regulate all of the bodily processes from organ function to emotion. We don’t realize, but our chakras have more of an effect on us than we think. To help ignite and balance each of these 7 points, here are some yoga postures and breathing techniques that will help you improve anything from inner-strength to imagination!

3.  Use sleep hacks to improve energy levels

We can all agree that there’s #noplacelikebed. When it comes to sleeping, sometimes we just can’t. Some of our simple tricks to help you get a restful slumber include organizing your room, not drinking water before bed, and here are a few others. If simplicity doesn’t cut it, implement some serious lifestyle changes: set a bedtime for yourself to set your internal clock and TURN OFF all electronics 30 minutes before you plan to sleep! Blue light emissions affect our ability to fall asleep, so don’t let technology win and take over your life.

4.  Incorporate mood boosters into your day

We have all been in the headspace where we're aggravated, bored or upset... but luckily, these 6 quirky acts should counter those feelings and immediately improve your mood. Some of them might make you feel weird, like humming to ignite your chakras, or saying positive words out loud for positive #vibes, but each of these things are actually proven to improve one’s day. So try it out and just keep humming!

5.  Make an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow for relaxation

Sitting back with a warm, scented eye mask is both relaxing and rejuvenating. We love this diy eye pillow because it’s super simple and can be done after work, on the weekend, or even on your lunch break!

Watch the playlist above for all of our tips and tricks on de-stressing, relaxing, and getting your sh*t together! #NoBadDays

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