As much as we love summer, especially here in Southern California, there is something refreshing about the weather cooling down and seasonal produce changing. We're sharing three ways to embrace fall, shorter days and all. First up: Updating our wardrobe with LAYERS! Breaking out the denim jackets and layering up our outfits lets us get more creative with our closet. Secondly, SOUP! Anything that simmers on it's own for 30 minutes and lets us wind down after work is a win, and soup does just that. It's easy to make, healthy and there are endless options. Lastly, all of the yummy new produce at the market. Squash, pears, bell peppers, chard... and so much more to experiment with. As much as we love summers' berries, the new line of goods to work with is refreshing and fun. And bonus? Pumpkin Pie Lattes! Watch the playlist above for inspiration on layers, soups and the seasons best ingredients!