Cappuccino or Latte coffee art cup with heart shaped.

Yum, there's nothing better than a freshly made cappuccino, except not having to get dressed to enjoy one. Even if you're not a barista, it's easy to create a dairy free treat and there's no need for a huge, expensive machine either. So relax, curl up in your most comfortable chair and enjoy a soy cappuccino, all while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Start with a good quality, finely ground espresso bean and brew a pot of espresso using an inexpensive machine designed for home use or a traditional coffee pot.

Add a half cup of vanilla soy milk in a pan and slowly heat it over medium heat, stirring constantly. If you use regular flavored soy milk, add a half teaspoon of pure vanilla extract to the soy milk before heating.

As it heats, whip the soy milk with a latte whisk until it is thick and foamy. A battery-powered latte whip makes light work of this tiring task and most kitchen supply stores carry them for under $15.

Pour two shots of espresso into a mug. While holding back the foam with a spoon, pour the heated soy milk into the mug until you reach the desired ratio of coffee to soy milk. Add less milk if you like a stronger cappuccino and more if you prefer a lighter coffee flavor.

Top the vanilla soy cappuccino's mug with a dollop of the foam and sprinkle with cocoa powder and cinnamon.

Experiment with different flavors of extracts in the soy milk by replacing the vanilla or mixing complimentary extracts with vanilla soy milk. Add ground cinnamon to the coffee grounds to give the cappuccino a strong cinnamon flavor or use flavored coffee for special holiday flavors.