6 Easy-To-Maintain Indoor Plants & FlowersRead


6 Easy-To-Maintain Indoor Plants & Flowers

Having house plants is the “in thing” to do right now, and why not? They add color and character to any space and even have health benefits . There’s no doubt that some plants are easier to maintain than others though. Which is why this is your go-to list if you want to spruce up your space with plants or flowers, but are worried your green thumb hasn’t quite blossomed yet. Sansevieria (Snake Plant) The snake plant is a super trendy option.
Indoor Plants That Can Actually Clean Your AirRead


Indoor Plants That Can Actually Clean Your Air

What we love about plants - more than their zen vibes - is their ability to clean the air around you. The amount of pollutants floating around our homes, whether in cleaning products, glue, paint or furniture, is abundant. So, what better way to combat these scary toxins than to bring some plant-life beauty into your home?