Nesties share their embarrassing run-ins with their spouse's parents. Talk about awkward! Tell us, have you ever had a humiliating moment with your in-laws?

Coitus Interruptus

"My husband and I were watching a movie in his parents' basement, then moved to his old bedroom next door. We started having sex when we heard footsteps down the stairs. We figured it was someone coming to the basement, so we kept at it. His dad came into our room and said, 'Oh, you're busy!' then left. The horror!" -- Cat

Full Frontal Nightmare"My wife's parents gave us their bedroom while we were visiting. One night, I was giving her a backrub by candlelight when her mom walked in. I froze -- stark naked and straddling my wife's butt. The next morning at breakfast, none of us made eye contact, and the next time we visited, they put us in her sister's room." -- Kris

Crash into Me"We stayed at my husband's dad's house and were upstairs in a bedroom next to his dad and stepmom's. The first night we started getting it on and broke the headboard." --Madison

Porch Song"One time at my husband's mom's house, we were having sex when we heard her pull into the driveway. He quickly finished, dressed, and flew outside to help her with the groceries. I'm not sure how, but he managed to drop the used condom on her front porch. As she was coming into the house, it stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She was like, 'What is this?'"-- Carrie

Little Helper"My in-laws were visiting for the day, and my father-in-law got it into his head to get on his hands and knees to fix a leg on our couch. He came face-to-face with my vibrator, which was hidden there for some reason." -- Amy

Unfair Game"One day as we were mid-sex on the basement couch at my wife's parents' place, her mom decided to come downstairs. I couldn't get my pants up fast enough, so I just pulled my mercifully long shirt down to my pants where I was sitting. Her mom sat down and chatted with us as my pants were partway down, and I was, shall we say, still partially aroused.' -- Ryan

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