Most skin cancers can be treated effectively if caught early enough, which is why early detection of the beginning signs of skin cancers is important. Here are a few of the skin signs to look out for in order to detect skin cancer in its earliest stages.

Oozing or Crusting

If you have a mole or an area of the skin that oozes or crusts over continuously, it could be an sign of skin cancer.


Look out for scaliness that appears on moles or areas of the skin. These scales will reappear many times.

Large Moles

Large moles commonly become cancerous and might need to be removed. These moles will be larger than a pencil eraser.

Irregular Moles

Any mole with irregular edges, having scalloped or choppy borders, might be cancerous and should be examined by a doctor.

Bleeding Mole

If a mole or scaly area bleeds repeatedly, it could be cancerous.