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Although a man can use women's hair coloring product if he wants, it's recommended that he doesn't since men's dye is geared to better fit a man's lifestyle and hair coloring needs.


Men's dye is fortified with vitamins like Vitamin E to nourish their hair. You can also buy hair color without ammonia (commonly found in women's hair dye), which is harsh on your hair and can damage it.

More Natural

Unlike women's hair dye, which strips the natural color from hair, men's dye preserves the real color and only works to cover gray or white hair.

Not Too Dramatic

Women often color their hair to make a dramatic change. Men's shades are geared to maintaining as close a match to their real hair color as possible.

Can Restore Natural Color

Men can regain their real hair color with Grecian Formula, which produces a pigment that gradually restores their natural shade. This is healthier than dying it with women's coloring.

Easy Application

Products like Just for Men can be shampooed into your hair. Women's dye often needs a professional application since it can stain your skin and clothes.

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