Orange oil is pure oil extract from orange fruit. It is extracted through distillation techniques. Pure orange oil is used in baking, cooking and cleaning. While some cooks prefer to use orange zest for recipes, other cooks like to add orange oil in salad dressing, sauces or marinades while bakers prefer to add orange oil to whipped creams, pies, pastries, cookies, muffins or breads.

Pure orange oil can be purchased through retail and online sources.

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Orange Oil on the Internet

Visit the Internet to purchase orange oil. Various specialty food websites carry orange oil. Most often on these websites, edible orange oil can be purchased by the ounce from $3 to $7 an ounce. Various orange oil varieties can be purchased like orange oil from mandarin, blood, tangerine and clementine. These oils are intended to be used for baking or savory recipes. While most cooks use a microplane or citrus zester to add orange flavor to recipes, others prefer to use a splash of orange oil so they don't have to dirty a utensil or buy a fruit just for its rind.

Orange oil for cleaning purposes can be purchased online as well.Commercial dealers and suppliers purchase orange oil from Brazil, Mexico and Florida in varying strains. These strains may include limonene, the part of orange oil used for cleaning and cold pressed orange oil from Valencia or Brazil.

Orange oil for fragrance can be purchased from stores like or Some people like to add a dab of orange oil to their bathwater or to an atomizer to create an at-home spa experience.

Retail Stores

Purchase orange oil from a specialty gourmet store. Orange oil for baking and cooking can be bought at specialty gourmet supply stores like Williams Sonoma, which is known for their gourmet selection of herbs and spices.

Ethnic grocers may also carry orange oil. Middle Eastern shops may carry orange oil intended for recipes including rice and roasted meats.