What Vitamins Treat Adrenal Fatigue?

By Susan Maphis

Adrenal fatigue syndrome occurs when the adrenal glands don't produce enough hormones such as cortisol. This leads to a problem fighting stress and infection. Some natural treatments, such as vitamins and supplements, can help sufferers of adrenal fatigue.

Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

Physical stress to the body resulting from illness or disease can lead to Adrenal Fatigue. Corticosteroids, synthetic hormones such as prednisone that are prescribed for various conditions, can also lead to Adrenal Fatigue.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Some of the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue include tiredness and fatigue, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, problems concentrating, problems with memory, loss of hair, craving for salty foods, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, decreased sex drive, and problems sleeping.

How Adrenal Fatigue is Diagnosed

Adrenal Function Tests (AFT) are often given to diagnose Adrenal Fatigue. These measure levels of cortisol and DHEA during four time periods of the day.

B-vitamins as treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

The B-vitamins can help in Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, especially B-12, B-5, and B-6.

Vitamin C as treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Vitamin C also helps to treat Adrenal Fatigue.

Minerals that can help treat Adrenal Fatigue

Other helpful supplements include minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium.