What to Wear to Shows in Vegas

By Tammy Dray

As the saying, pretty much anything goes in Las Vegas. This is also true when it comes to clothing. In most cases, Las Vegas has a relaxed lifestyle and wearing comfortable clothes is seen as more important than wearing fancy dresses. Still, you may want to give the night a go by donning some of your fancier clothes.

Formal Venues

If you like to dress up, and especially if you like cutting-edge or over-the-top fashion, Las Vegas is the place to express yourself through your clothes. Low-cut dresses, formal attires and even sequined tops all have their place; nobody will bat an eye. Go for the sassy heels or the dressy, elegant shoes as well. Aim for smart trousers or the LBD, accessorized with a chunky necklace or a delicate pair of earrings.

Casual Shows

Shows held at casinos, restaurants and most bars usually require no more than smart casual. This usually means no tennis shoes, no flip-flops, no shorts and no tank tops for men. In some cases, it may also mean no jeans. If jeans are allowed, choose a dark shade, which will make them look more dressy. Clubs do usually have a dress code, so make sure to ask ahead of time. Concerts and shows held at clubs or other night venues tend to have the same requirements, and some also forbid hats, flannel shirts and hooded shirts. Even in places where jeans are acceptable, baggy jeans are usually not. You may need to bring a light sweater with you, as it often gets cold inside air-conditioned venues. Rather than bringing just any jacket, choose one that complements your outfit, in case you need to wear it during the show. To be safe, skip the standard T-shirt and opt for a collared shirt or polo.

Daytime Shows

While most shows, including concerts and other live performances, take place at night, some occur during the day. These can be family-oriented, or involve sports, fashion or live productions. Unless there's a specific dress code, day shows tend to be informal. Jeans, capri pants or a light summer skirt will work. Depending on the type of show and the venue, even shorts may be acceptaable, especially if the event is sports-related.