What to Use If You Don't Have a Springform Pan

By Matthias Hess

A springform pan is nifty baking tool. It's a cake mold with removable sides, leaving the cake flat on the bottom surface and in perfect shape—great for fragile baking recipes like cheesecakes and shortcakes. Although there's no perfect substitute, there are a few options if you don't happen to have one of your own.

Chestnut cake with almonds and chocolate
credit: NoirChocolate/iStock/GettyImages
Chestnut cake with almonds and chocolate

Cake Pan with Parchment Paper

Use a regular cake pan, well-greased and lined with parchment paper. The parchment paper allows the cake to be carefully lifted out of the pan once it's been baked.

Pie Pan

For cheesecakes, pie pans work well and can also be used as serving dishes. This eliminates the difficulty in moving, lifting and positioning the cake. Because pie pans are smaller than cake pans, you may need two of them. You'll likely need to reduce baking time and temperature as well.

Lined Muffin Tin

Another option is a muffin tin lined with paper or foil liners. This approach produces miniature cakes that are easily removed after baking. Again, baking temperature and time may need to be adjusted.