Perfect female legs wearing high heels

Before you dance the night away, you need to select a club-wear look that's as functional as it is flattering. When things heat up on the dance floor, you want to be dressed in a comfortable, breathable outfit so that you don't over-glisten when you're shaking it under the strobe lights. Club wear comes in many forms, whether you want to slip into a slinky dress, show off your gams in a short skirt or pair a bold blouse with sleek slacks.

Not every dress hanging in your closet is right for the club. Reserve the cotton maxi dress for a date night, and save that soft sundress for a hot summer day. Club wear can be a little sexier and a little shorter than the other dresses in your closet.

Ditch the office-appropriate little black dress and, instead, look for an LBD that has a sexy feature. Choose a shorter cut -- think midthigh -- or go for a plunging back that shows off a little skin. Your club-appropriate LBD can even boast some extra sparkle, such as a sequined bodice.

Alternatively, stand out among the sea of black on the dance floor by opting for a dress in a textured fabric. A lace minidress blends a touch of demure with a little bit of sexy. Slip into a striking sequined number and watch as those strobe lights reflect off your frock.

Make the miniskirt your statement piece at the club. Miniskirts are a flirty way to show a little leg, and give you plenty of room to move on the dance floor. Slip into a sequined number paired with a solid-colored, short-sleeved top or a fitted, bandage-style mini with a flowy blouse. If a soft look is more your style, add some femininity to your club-wear look in a flirty, pleated mini that'll shimmy along with you on the dance floor.


Balance a short hemline with a less revealing top to create a well-proportioned outfit from head to toe.

Show your style in a blouse and pants combo at the club. Consider a crop top blouse with skinny-fit leather pants. Or, grab those trusty dark wash skinny jeans and pair them with a plunging V-neck top. Black satin shorts with a soft, feminine patterned blouse ensure you won't have any wardrobe malfunctions while you're shaking it on the dance floor.

Opt for lighter, more breathable fabrics such as cotton, jersey and silk so you stay comfortably cool when the dance floor heats up.

Think comfort, not just fashion, when choosing shoes for a night of dancing. Those sky-high stilettos might look hot, but your feet might never forgive you. Opt for wedges, which elongate your legs without the potential discomfort of heels. Skip the espadrilles and instead slip into T-strap leather wedges or wedge ankle booties, which are dressy enough for the club.

If you're a high-heel purist, leave the 5-inch heels at home and opt for a lower heel -- think 3 inches or so -- for your comfort. Or, skip the heels entirely and choose a flat, dressy sandal, which adds some sparkle to your toes by providing supreme comfort.


Break in those heels by wearing them a few times before a night at the club. For added comfort, slip a cushioned insert into the shoe so your dancing won't be slowed down by aching feet.

Holding a clutch isn't practical while carrying a drink and dancing with your friends. Make sure your handbag has a comfortable shoulder strap. Consider a cross-body style so you aren't tugging on your strap all night. You'll keep your wallet, phone and lipstick close by, and you won't have to worry about leaving your belongings behind.