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During the disco era (the 1970s) ladies wore big, flashy and fun jewelry that looked good on the dance floor. Pieces of jewelry that sparkled and moved were the most popular. Men had fun with their jewelry too -- nothing says "disco" more than a big gold medallion peeking through an unbuttoned shirt. The right jewelry made a disco diva's outfit complete.


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It's tough to picture anyone going to the disco without gold chains (usually more than one) around their neck. Men often unbuttoned the top two or three buttons of their shirts so the ladies could admire their chunky gold medallions. The female version of medallions were charms -- often the initials of the wearer. Medallions and charms that looked like gold nuggets were also popular. Dancing queens often piled on three or four chains of different lengths, some with charms and some without.


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Women at discos wore bracelets that moved and jangled when they danced. One popular style was a bracelet that wrapped around the upper arm and looked like a gold or silver snake. In keeping with the bold styles of the day, bracelets were often thick and chunky, but thinner bracelets were okay too -- as long as you wore lots of them. Some men wore bracelets also, but usually only one at a time, and usually in a rope or chain link style.

Hair Jewelry

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Disco ladies liked big hair -- teased, feathered, and permed -- and they enjoyed wearing jewelry in all that hair. Flowers over the ear added some flair. If disco gals needed to keep their hair out of their eyes, gold or silver barrettes with some sparkle did the trick. Ladies who wore buns used lacquered and painted chopsticks to keep their hair up, and women with shorter hair could jazz up their styles with a feather barrette.

Foot and ankle jewelry

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Strappy sandals looked oh-so-pretty when paired with toe rings. Small gold or silver rings on one or more toes helped to make a dancing queen pretty all the way down to her feet. A shiny anklet caught the light of the disco ball and kept the attention on those fancy dance steps. Some women wore one slender anklet while others liked the look of two or three chains worn at the same time.


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Disco divas finished off their look with earrings. Big gold hoops were by far the most popular, but gold mesh earrings and dangling disco balls were popular too. Mirrored earrings reflected the light of the disco ball and added some flash. Generally disco men didn't wear earrings, but occasionally a man would wear a gold or diamond stud earring in one ear.

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