What Kind of Alcohol is a Blue Top?

By Trevor Talley

In the single "Blame It" from his 2009 album "Intuition," actor/musician Jamie Foxx lays out the story of his nights in the club, drinking alcohol and getting into various romantic situations with women. Throughout the track, Foxx name-drops a number of alcohol brands, and at one point says either "blue top" or "blue tap," leading to some fans asking what kind of alcohol Foxx is referring to.

"Blue Top" could be used to refer to many types of alcohol.

Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Blue Top Champagne

One possibility is that "blue top" refers to Heidsieck & Co. Monople's Blue Top champagne. This champagne is a centuries-old brand, and was actually the champagne served on the Titanic's fateful voyage. Blue Top is a true champagne, and is a non-vintage, or mixed, champagne, using 70 percent Pinot Noir grapes, 20 percent Chardonnay and 10 percent Petit Meunier. Blue Top is highly regarded with champagne critics and is still popular for its quality as well as its price as of 2011.

Cape to Rio Pure Cane Spirit

Also referred to as "blue top" is a liquor produced by Edward Snell & Co. called Cape to Rio Pure Cane Spirit. Edward Snell & Co. is a South African family-owned wine and spirits manufacturer. It was founded in 1848 when a damaged ship from Argentina was forced to land in Cape Town, where the founder Edward Snell stayed and set up a liquor business. The Cape to Rio itself is made of molasses, is triple distilled and is South Africa's best-selling cane liquor. It has also won numerous prestigious awards, including a gold medal at the 2003 International Wine and Spirit competition and the Crystal Prestige Trophy at the Monde Selection, which is only awarded every 10 years.


There are three popular vodka brands that currently use a blue cap, or "top," and thus must be considered as candidates for the "blue top" alcohol. These three brands are Skyy, Smirnoff and Grey Goose. Skyy is a vodka produced in America by SKYY Spirits LLC based out of San Francisco. Skyy's flagship vodka, along with many of their Infusion brand fruit vodkas, comes in a solid blue bottle with a blue cap. Smirnoff is a formerly Russian, now British, vodka produced by the Diageo company. It is the most popular vodka brand in the United States, and it is a contender for the "blue top" title due to the Smirnoff 57 100 proof brand, which has a blue motif and top. Finally, Grey Goose is a vodka owned by Bacardi and made in France that also has a blue cap and motif, and is actually name-dropped at another point in the Foxx track.

Other Alternatives

Many lyrics databases have posted the lyrics of the song as "blue tap" instead of "blue top." Blue Tap is a mixed drink consisting of tequila, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice. In addition, though the top of the bottle is not blue, Hypnotiq is a blue-colored liqueur that is popular in clubs and may be what the song is referring to.