By Chance E. Gartneer

Vodka has come a long way from your grandpa's -- or grandma's -- simple potato or grain-based spirit. Once an almost flavorless and odorless potent liquor, vodka has evolved to include every taste imaginable. Whipped vodka is one of these next- generation vodkas. Knowing what it is -- and what to do with it -- will make the difference between a drinkable and undrinkable cocktail.

Cherry in whipped cream
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Whipped cream vodka gives you whipped cream flavor without the mess.

Cream Alternative

Whipped cream vodka, also known as whipped vodka, mimics the taste of whipped cream by combining vanilla and cream flavors. It contains less fat and sugar than ordinary whipped cream, which may appeal to health-conscious imbibers. It doesn't expire quickly like whipped cream and also doesn't require refrigeration.

Simple Mixers

Whipped cream vodka maintains regular vodka's ease of mixing, meaning that it goes well with many types of nonalcoholic mixers. Mix whipped cream vodka with sodas, such as cola, root beer, lemon-lime, orange, grape and even plain soda, for a quick and refreshing drink. Whipped cream vodka also mixes well with sweeter juices, such as orange and pineapple. Serve it by itself as a chilled shot or sip it slowly on the rocks.

Substitution Times

Replacing actual whipped cream with whipped cream vodka can be tricky. Drinks that already call for vodka and whipped cream are a simple fix; just switch out the regular vodka for the whipped cream version. For other drinks, cut back a little on one of the main liquors, then just add a splash of whipped cream vodka.

Cocktail Suggestions

Whipped cream vodka adds another level to basic mixology. Pair it with coconut rum for cocktails with a tropical tinge, such as a peaches 'n' whipped and coconut cream cooler cocktails. Combine it with strawberry and amaretto liqueurs for a tasty strawberry shortcake cocktail. Substitute it for the vodka in a black or white Russian, or float a shot of it on top of a pina colada.