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In-style trends generally lead to new fashion silhouette definitions, including hipster and boy shorts. Styles like hipster shorts go in and out of fashion and after a long hiatus from the trend scene, the short enters the vintage realm. This particular short style looks edgy with a thrift-store influence. Boy shorts are somewhat of a fashion controversy. Designer fashions often borrow this undergarment label to tag apparel shorts with the same boyish styling influence. Knowing the difference between these two bottoms styles helps you style and wear the silhouette correctly.

Hipster Shorts

If you have denim, cutoff shorts in your closet with uneven frayed edges and studs, you most likely own hipster shorts. The stonewash appears worn -- referred to as distressed -- with a vintage-like feel. This short style is identifiable by its raw-edged tears and rips. Cutout sections along the leg panels usually have a stitched, contrast color insert on the inside of the leg to show through the ripped opening. The hipster short is also available in colored bull denim. Contrast colors are often used around the waistband, hips and legs. Designer fashions also include stitched pattern prints on the front leg panel.

Boy Shorts

If you have ever envied your boyfriend's boxers for the extra room and comfort, women's boy shorts are the close equivalent for you. This snug undergarment hugs your hips. The notable difference is in the panty silhouette, which is styled with a menswear influence. The panty leg is longer, giving you more coverage around the thigh. The silhouette also extends to the top of the leg making it appear as a snug boxer brief. Wear these comfy, sexy bottoms in solid colors or prints.

Hipster Short vs. Boy Short

One of the main differences between the hipster shorts and the boy shorts is the fashion category. The hipster short falls within apparel and the boy short fits within the undergarment classification. Another notable difference is in the silhouette. The hipster short silhouette -- referred to as vintage shorts -- generally has a high-waist and a 1 ½ inch inseam. The boy short silhouette is a form-fitting, undergarment short with a low waistline that is cut straight across the hips with leg panels generally finishing at the top of the thigh.

Hipster-Boy Shorts

Defeat the evil muffin top wearing hipster-boy short bikini bottoms. This swimwear silhouette is a combination of both styles. It gives you a little bit more coverage around the hip area, camouflaging what you do not want to show. Wear the style in darker shades if you are pear shaped -- narrow shoulders and wide hips -- or printed patterns if you are rectangle shaped -- boyish frame with narrow shoulders, waist and hips. Since the hipster-boy short bikini bottom is also cut straight across the hips, apple shaped ladies -- wide waistline and narrow hips -- can definitely slay the muffin top dragon wearing this bottom.

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