What Is the Best Hair Straightener?

By Isabel Prontes

Who doesn't dream about having healthy, smooth, silky, super-straight hair? Thankfully, nowadays, you don't have to be born with straight hair to achieve that luxurious effect. There are many excellent hair straightening devices on the market these days. And luckily, most of them are practical and convenient to use on a daily basis.


Some of the best types of hair straighteners include the Karmin Titanium, the Karmin Envy Pink Professional Tourmaline Ceramic, Farouk Chi Silver Nano 1" Flat Iron and the Chi Wet to Dry Hair straightener. These hair straighteners are all very popular and effective for getting sleek, straight hair.


Many popular hair straighteners come with exciting features. Chi hair straighteners usually come with auto digital controls that allow you to set time and temperature. They also utilize ionic technology for hair that is silky to the touch. Farouk products often come with ceramic heaters. However, the most exciting Farouk feature is the "Nano Silver Technology" that kills bacteria on your devices, allowing users to maintain a germ-free zone while straightening their hair. Karmin has convenient "straight-curl-flip" style features.

A good-quality hair straightener that is going to last you a long time is a real investment. Prepare to pay between $100 and $150 (or perhaps even more) for an efficient, high-quality hair straightener that's going to give you good results. Chi hair straighteners can run around $150 most of the time, while Karmins are much cheaper, usually going for about $100.


Hair straighteners have many benefits. They are extremely quick. With heating periods of 10 seconds (and often less), users can walk away with straight hair in a matter of minutes. Also, they don't merely straighten hair. If you want your hair curled or flipped, you can do that with hair straighteners, as well.

Expert Insight

Good-quality hair straighteners can be purchased in beauty supply stores, such as Sally's Beauty Supply. If you are looking online, there are retailers that stock vast selections of efficient hair straighteners in all price ranges. These stores include My Hair Styling Tools, Luxury Parlor, Sephora, Misikko and American Pro Haircare.