Beautiful glossy, healthy hair

As a way to protect your hair against damage, you can use a protein filler treatment. Protein hair fillers have the ability to repair damaged bonds found within your hair follicles. Also, protein hair fillers use ingredients to seal in color after you have dyed your hair.


Manufacturers of protein fillers recommend that you apply the treatment immediately before you apply color onto the hair. Protein fillers can also be used before chemical treatments, such as perms and body waves. You can also use it following the coloring or chemical processing to repair any damage that may have been done during the process.


You can find protein hair fillers from companies, such as Colorful Professional, Herbal Extracts Plus and Nexxus. Protein hair fillers are usually moderately priced and you can find 8 oz. bottles for less than $10. You can buy protein hair fillers from hair supply stores as well as online retailers. Sally Beauty Supply sells several brands of protein hair fillers.


Follow the directions on the packaging of the protein hair filler. In most cases, you will apply a small dollop on your hand and work it through your hair from the roots to the ends. It does not need to be rinsed out of your hair before coloring or chemical processing. Alternatively, you can add many protein fillers to the hair dye mixture to enhance how well the chemicals bond to the hair.


Many protein hair fillers can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment. After you shampoo, dilute the protein filler with water. Use two parts of the filler and one part water for the mixture. Apply the mixture and allow it to sit in your hair for two to five minutes before rinsing. For easier application, transfer the protein hair filler to a spray bottle.


Don't add too much of the protein hair filler directly to the dye. Use a very small amount, or the mixture will come out runny and become messy to apply. Also, make sure you choose the protein hair filler appropriate for your hair color. Although some brands are neutral, others are specific to the hair color be used during the treatment.