What Is Patron?

By Melodie Anne

A brand of top-shelf, or premium, tequila made in Jalisco, Mexico, Patron is made from blue agave. The blue agave is hand-crushed using a traditional stone wheel to squeeze out the juice. What makes Patron different than some of its competitors is that it is still made in small batches and is all made by hand.

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Different Kinds

Patron Silver is the tequila you'll typically see at a bar, but the brand also produces other tequilas, which are aged in various types of barrels. Different varieties include Roca Patron and Gran Patron. Each one has its own distinctive flavor, depending on how long it was aged.

Tequila Liqueurs

Patron also produces flavored tequila liqueurs. Patron XO Cafe is a blend of Patron's Silver tequila and a coffee flavor. XO Cafe Dark Cocoa has coffee flavor and a hint of dark chocolate. Patron Citronge is not a type of tequila, rather it's an orange-flavored liqueur designed for tequila-based cocktails, like margaritas.