Cute girl applying  lip gloss
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Lip glosses and balms keep your kisser soft and smooth, and may contain a variety of ingredients to get the job done. Some you may want to avoid due to allergies, while others might be animal-based and far from vegan-friendly. Most lip products contain lanolin, petroleum or shea butter to seal in moisture. Wax, like beeswax, is another common ingredient and helps lip gloss adhere to your lips.

Other Ingredients

Numerous other ingredients, like paraben-based preservatives, may be added to lipgloss to keep it from going bad. Some glosses contain natural oils and extracts, such as sesame oil and aloe leaf juice, to condition and add fragrance, while others are scented with synthetic fragrances. Various pigments can be blended with gloss for color, such as carmine, which is derived from beetles. Many glosses also contain sunblock to keep lips looking young.