Hair liquid is a styling product applied to hair to leave it manageable and visibly healthier, preventing split ends. Hair liquid can also be used as a shine enhancer for the hair.


Hair liquid comes in a fluid form. It is not sticky, heavy or oily.

How to Apply

Hair Liquid is applied by pouring a few drops in hands and then rubbing it on the hair. It can also be applied by dropping a few drops on a brush and then running it through hair.

What it does

Hair liquid reduces frizz and contributes to easier, controlled styling.

Who can use hair liquid?

Hair liquid is helpful for individuals with all types of hair. It is extremely beneficial for people with curly, dry or brittle hair. Hair liquid can be used by both men and women.

The Cost

Several companies make hair liquid and the price depends on each individual brand. Hair liquid ranges from $5-$30.