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The elemis detox program is not a true detox program, but rather a beauty and weight loss program that includes an element of detoxification. The main goals of the program are for people on the program to lose weight, improve blood circulation and increase their energy. There are steps in the program that aim to improve the skin complexion and clear out pores.


The idea behind detoxification is that the human body is bombarded by harmful substances referred to as toxins. These toxins make their way into our bodies through the air, food and the environment. The body filters out these toxins through natural processes that take place in the internal organs such as the liver and kidneys and through sweating. A detoxification diet aims to help the body rid itself of toxins.

Step One

During the first month of the elemis detox program, the person takes two specially formulated herbal capsules on a daily basis: a weight loss supplement and the elemis detox supplement. The first is called Cal-Metab Plus and is supposed to eliminate cholesterol, suppress the apetite and burn fat. The second is called Deep Drainage and is supposed to prevent fluid retention and eliminate toxins.

Step Two

During the second month of the elemis detox program, the person switches to a new herbal capsule called Silhouette, which is deemed a body contouring pill. These pills are supposed to eliminate cellulite and improve circulation. Improvement in circulation could be related to detoxification, but this is a roundabout way of achieving it.

Step Three

During the third month of the elemis detox program, the person again changes pills. He takes energy boosting capsules named Vitality, which are meant to improve circulation and heighten energy. Every pill in the program is supposed to be taken once per day with water in the morning for the allotted month. People on the detox should also drink at least eight glasses of water a day throughout the treatment.


Women who are pregnant; anyone with allergies to iodine, seaweed or shellfish; those with high blood pressure, thyroid disease or diabetes; or people on prescription medications should avoid this program. Three months of the elemis detox treatment costs roughly $200. You can purchased it online or through certain spas and health food stores. The elemis detox program is more geared toward those who want a beautification process that helps them lose weight and gain energy, not those who are serious about detoxifying their bodies.