What Is Club Soda?

By Whitney DeGroat

Some people confuse club soda with other types of carbonated waters, from seltzer water to sparkling water. Club soda contains salt, helping it to mimic the taste of mineral water, and is carbonated by artificial means, while some other carbonated mineral waters are naturally carbonated. Club soda can be used in similar ways as the other types, from replacing sugary sodas to improving the texture of breakfast foods.

water glass
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Tall glass of club soda

Dress Up Your Drinks

Infused with a splash of fruit juice, club soda makes a low-calorie substitute for sugary sodas. It's often mixed with lime juice and bitters for a "mocktail," or alcohol-free cocktail beverage. It can also be used in traditional alcoholic beverages, and is often mixed with lemon or lime juice and gin or vodka.

Food Fixer

Club soda can also be used in waffle and pancake batters. Substitute it for other liquids, such as water or milk, for extra light and fluffy results. A few splashes of club soda does the same for scrambled eggs. Try soaking oysters in it for about five minutes to help make shucking easier. When making tempura batter, adding club soda instead of water or milk creates a light and airy batter.