Beautiful woman hands applying skin cream

Obagi is one of the most renowned names in skin care. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike recommend products from the Obagi Skin Product Line. Obagi is a brand responsible for many products; one of these products is the Obagi Blender. The Obagi Blender is a powerful, product used to enhance skin and create a beautiful complexion.

The Obagi Blender

The Obagi Blender is a product from the Obagi Skin Care product line. The Obagi Blender is a cream applied to the face, and is used to even out skin tone. Often times, skin tone becomes uneven. Dark spots from the sun, birthmarks, acne and even skin diseases cause skin tone to be blotchy. The Obagi Blender is used to lighten dark spots on the face, help clear up acne, and create a clear, even complexion. It is also recommended to help clear up the effects of rosacea. The Obagi Blender can be used with Retin-A.


The Obagi Blender contains 4 percent hydroquinone diluted with water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, PPG-2 myristyl ether propionate, sodium lauryl sulfate, TEA-salicylate, lactic acid, phenyl trimethicone, tocopheryl acetate, sodium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid, methylparaben, Complex 272 (saponins), disodium EDTA, BHT, and propylparaben. Hydroquinone is one of the active ingredients in this skin care product. Used as a skin-bleaching agent, hydroquinone was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1982 to remove freckles, age spots and clear areas of the skin damaged by over exposure to the sun. Lactic acid, another powerful ingredient in the Obagi Blender is derived from milk. Lactic acid has been used for centuries to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize and remove dead skin cells.

Side Effects and Warnings

Side effects reported from the use of the Obagi Blender vary from person to person. One patient reported extreme redness of the face, blisters along the nasal folds, and swollen capillaries in the face. Because of hydroquinone, people with olive and dark skin run a risk of loosing pigmentation in their skin if the product is misused. Obagi Blender is not a drug store purchase; it is a highly advance and expensive skin care cream. Before in-store purchase, a patient must consult with a skin care professional or get approval by a dermatologist. The Obagi Blender can also be purchased online after filling out an online form, which is then checked by a dermotologist.

Office Purchase

Obagi Blender is a powerful product. The official Obagi website does not recommend or sanction purchasing any Obagi product with out a personal consultation with a physician or a dermatologist. Only certain medical offices sell the Obagi Blender and the Obagi skin care line; the main website has a locator of approved retailers.

Online Purchase

The Obagi Blender can be purchased online for usually a lower price then what can be found at a physician's office. However, the Obagi Company does not recommend or sanction any purchase of Obagi skin care products online until you have consulted with by a physician. Many Obagi Blender users consult with a doctor, and if recommended to use the product, will then purchase the product online.