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Every hair on your head grows as a direct result of the types of foods you ingest. A regular intake of vitamins and minerals is important in helping you to grow facial hair. However, a number of different foods, if eaten on a regular basis, help improve the growth of your facial hair.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables such as garden peas, green beans and broccoli are important in helping you to grow facial hair. All of these green vegetables are a rich source of vitamin B, which supplies folic acid into your diet and, in turn, helps promote hair growth. Including these foods within a daily diet is a great way to kick-start any facial hair growth.


Fruits such as oranges, lemons and berries are important in your quest for more facial hair, as they provide a significant amount of vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C helps promote cell and tissue growth. Including fruit in a regular diet provides your facial hair cells with vitamin C, which encourages the hair to grow significantly more than it would without the vitamin.

Meats and Fish

The hair follicles both on your face and your head are made up of 98 percent protein. To help your facial hair grow, it is vital that you include a regular amount of protein in your diet. Red meats and fish are a great source of protein, which your body needs as a whole, and protein helps develop hair follicles and natural oils which aid in growing facial hair.


Dairy foods dramatically increase the levels of protein in your system. Including milk, cheese and other protein-rich dairy foods in your diet aids your facial hair growth dramatically, strengthening your hair follicles and promoting growth at a much more advanced rate. Stick to healthy dairy foods such as non-fat milk and cream, as your health plays a pivotal role in the look of your facial hair.

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