Fresh made Tuna Sandwiches (selective focus)

A stacked tuna sandwich makes a really filling, delicious and healthy meal. Tuna contains omega 3, and if you add on some lettuce, onions and even tomato, you're contributing to your vegetable intake for the day. But if the sandwich itself isn't enough, take it to the next level with some light nibbles and snacks on the side.

Dips and Sticks

Serve a selection of crackers, bread sticks and vegetable sticks, along with dips to accompany a tuna sandwich. Humus and carrot sticks, celery and relish, or bread sticks and chutney are common combinations for dips and sticks. These items are easy food to munch on without being too heavy.


Nibbles such as nuts, chips or dried fruit can be served with a tuna sandwich. If you're serving tuna at a party or get together, make sure t0 label any bowls that contain nuts just in case a guest has an allergy. Alternatively, put out a large basket or bowl containing unopened packets so guests can choose for themselves.

Hot Food

You can also enjoy the sandwich with fries, pasta salad or a jacket potato. Pasta salad can be served hot or cold, but keep the dressing simple so it complements the sandwich filling. Dress it with a splash of olive oil, seasoning and a dollop of green pesto. These flavors won't overpower the sandwich.


Sparkling rosé or white wine with citrus tones match tuna's flavors. Fresh orange and lemon juice are also citrusy, which balances well with the tuna. You can also keep it simple with some iced water jazzed up with a few wedges of lime or lemon.