What Do I Serve With a Tuna Fish Sandwich for Lunch?

By Verity Jones

A tuna or tuna fish sandwich is a light summery sandwich, which is a healthy option for guests. The tuna contains omega 3 and the leafy salad contributes toward your vegetable intake for the day. A classic combination is tuna, cucumber and cracked black pepper. Serve light nibbles and snack items with the sandwiches.

Improve the presentation of the sandwich by cutting it diagonally.

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Dips and Sticks

Serve a selection of crackers, bread sticks and vegetable sticks, along with dips to accompany the tuna sandwiches. Humus and carrot sticks, celery and relish, or bread sticks and chutney are common combinations for dips and sticks. If you serve dips and sticks on a communal plate, your guests will be able to help themselves to as much they like, without needing extra cutlery or crockery. As an anternative, you could add a small selection alongside their sandwich so they can pick away as they eat their tuna fish sandwich. These items are easy food to munch at lunch, without being too heavy.


Nibbles such as nuts, chips or dried fruit can be served with the tuna sandwich. People tend to eat their main meal in the evening, so you do not need to go all out to impress them. All they want it something to fill them up for the afternoon. Provide a selection of different flavored chips, and make sure you label any bowls that contain nuts just in case a guest has an allergy. Alternatively, put out a large basket or bowl containing unopened packets so guests can choose for themselves.

Hot Food

If you are expecting a hungry bunch and the tuna fish sandwiches are not sufficient, then serve the sandwich with fries, pasta salad or a jacket potato. Jacket potato with a slither of butter, or a scoop of fries would be ideal. Pasta salad can be served hot or cold, but keep the dressing simple so it complements the sandwich filling. Dress it with a splash of olive oil, seasoning and a dollop of green pesto. The flavors won't overpower the sandwich. Do not add chicken or bacon, because it will not complement the fish.


Your guests will need to wash their tuna fish sandwich down with a drink. Hellovino.com recommends that sparkling rose or white wine with citrus tones would match the fishy flavors. For younger guests or those who do not want to drink at lunchtime, provide a selection of juices. Fresh orange and lemon juice are citrus flavors that balance with the tuna, so serve these. Do not forget a jug of iced water; to jazz it up, add a few wedges of lime or lemon.