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Lobster is a rich meal that has a distinct flavor, and often accompanied by rich sauces and side dishes. Citrus is a common accent to the lobster because it can cut the heaviness of the butter often used as a dipping sauce and it compliments the sweet depth of lobster flavor. For this reason, citrus, fruit and desserts with a more clean and acidic nature are good compliments for a lobster meal.

Sorbets or Ices

A cool, sweet and light sorbet or shaved ice dessert can top off a lobster meal without adding heaviness. Fruit flavored sorbets will clean the palate of rich buttery tastes and add a bit of sweetness to the end of the dinner. A sorbet is more creamy in consistency and pairs well with broiled lobster. A shaved ice is a more relaxed type of dessert and can be served in a paper cup, making it the perfect end to a beach lobster bake type meal. Fruit or syrup top the ice, giving sweetness without a heavy addition to the meal.


Baked fruits, fruit tarts, fruit crisp or fruit and cream make a sweet lively end to a lobster meal. The sweet natural flavors of the fruit won't overpower the palate that has already been inundated with rich flavors. The crust of a tart or crisp adds some bulk and crunch after the previous texture of the soft lobster. Fruit flavors are sweet yet a bit acidic and wash away the buttery or creamy residue from the lobster meal. Simple baked fruit is easy to prepare and flavorful, a naturally elegant dessert in itself.


Smooth, light and flavorful gelatin or gelatin based desserts make the perfect end to a lobster meal. Whether the meal included a rich buttery broiled lobster tail or a creamy lobster pasta dish, the gelatin adds a clean yet sweet taste as a finale. Not overpowering, easy to make and fun to eat, gelatin can be molded or mixed with a bit of fruit. Layer it with a bit of whipped cream to add a softer texture to the dessert.

Creamy Selections

A cream pie, a Pavlova or even a baked pudding can add a sweet texture to follow the lobster. These selections complement a boiled lobster well, as they add sweet and creamy to the more mild flavor of the boiled crustacean. Chocolate is a classic cream pie and a complete switch in flavors from the lobster meal. A Pavlova adds a light sweet end; add fruit for a tart addition to the creamy sweetness of the meringue. Bread pudding is a classic New England lobster bake dessert and the creamy pudding sauce can be flavored with lemon to add a citrus twist to the end of the meal.