Grilled chicken is a healthy, easy-to-make dish that can be used as a base for many meals. Dressed up or down, it can be served at casual barbecues as well as elegant dinner parties. Additionally, grilled chicken can be paired with virtually any type of side dish--just choose from your favorites.



Steamed, grilled or raw, vegetables make a healthy, satiating dish to accompany grilled chicken. Pair chicken with a big salad or alongside a creamy coleslaw for a summer picnic meal. "Bon Appetit" recommends tossing chicken on the grill with eggplant and squash for a light spring medley. For the young ones, you can serve chicken in strips or cubes for easy grasping, alongside carrot sticks or celery sticks. Add a simple yogurt dip for a complete and nutrient filled meal.



If you're looking to keep your meal on the low-calorie side, wild or brown rice are lighter starches that can accompany grilled chicken. For a more hearty meal any type of pasta can be served with grilled chicken. Chef Guy Fieri serves grilled chicken atop a bed of linguine tossed with a Cajun Alfredo sauce. All types of beans and potatoes also make excellent side dishes.


A variety of fruits can serve as a sweet addition to grilled chicken. Mangoes, melons, berries and apples pair well with grilled chicken, whether combined in a fruit salad or served whole and separately. Pairing grilled chicken skewers with a sweet and salty combination of cantaloupe and feta cheese, or a bright and colorful mixed tomato salad.


While not technically a side dish, the right beverage can complete your meal. Ice cold beer goes well with chicken fresh off the grill, while wine provides a slightly more elegant finish. Well-chilled Sauvignon Blanc and chardonnay are light white wine choices, while Chianti and Pinot Noir are red wines that pair well with grilled chicken. Lemonade, iced teas and waters are all good non-alcoholic options.

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