By Edward Rotchford

Pork comes from pigs and is sold in grocery stores, butcher shops and farmers markets. Many different cuts of pork come from the pig. They have varying flavors and uses.

Bacon comes from a pork belly.

Shoulder or Picnic

Sausages homemade with vegetables
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Pork sausages with vegetables

The shoulder, or picnic, is the meat that surrounds the shoulder arm bone and shank bone. The meat is used for ground pork, sausage and hocks. It is sold fresh or smoked.

Boston Butt

Freshly ground pork
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Ground pork in bowl

The Boston butt (also known as shoulder butt) is the meat that surrounds that shoulder blade bone. The cuts of meat that come from the Boston butt are butt steaks, shoulder roasts, smoked daisy, and small cuts used for ground pork and sausage.


Pork chop with salad close up
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Pork chops and salad

The loin is the meat that surrounds the rib bones, backbone, and hip bone. The cuts of meat that come from the loin are loin roast, pork chops, loin rib chops, boneless loin, country-style ribs, and Canadian-style bacon.


bread with sliced pork ham
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Open faced ham sandwich

The ham is the meat that surrounds the leg bone and hind shank bone. The cuts of meat that come from the ham are fresh ham, smoked ham, and ham steaks.


Cooked Greasy Bacon
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Plate of bacon

The belly is the meat that comes directly from the underside of the pig. The cuts of meat that come from the belly are bacon and pork belly (Jowl bacon may be made from cuts available near the neck area).


Char Siu (叉燒)
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Spare ribs covered in barbecue sauce

The spareribs are the meat surrounding the rib bones and breastbone.