By Tiffany Ameh

Blueberries have long been a part of the American landscape. The native Americans were the first to use this tasty fruit by preserving them and using them in soups, meat rubs and puddings. European settlers in America quickly took a liking to the little bluish-purple fruit. Today, cooks and chefs find many uses for the versatile blueberry, since lots of foods, spices and herbs complement it.

According to scientists, blueberries have been around for more than 13,000 years.

Dairy Foods

The rich, creamy taste of milk naturally complements the blueberry's fruity taste. Whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, cheesecake and cottage cheese get an added boost of flavor when you add blueberries. Try serving blueberry shortcake for dessert with ice cream or ricotta or cottage cheese with blueberries and a dash of cinnamon.

Cereal and Snack Mixes

The deep, fruity flavor of blueberries complement the warm, nutty taste of snack mixes and cereals. Sprinkle blueberries -- whole or dried -- on your hot or cold cereal in the morning. Dried blueberries taste great in granola snack mixes and can also be combined with your favorite, mixed nuts. Blueberries and almond is another flavor pairing to try in snack mixes or in baking.

Other Fruits

Blueberries combine well with almost any other fruit, including apples, bananas, coconut and other berries. Several recipes pair blueberries with old favorites, such as apple pie, banana bread and strawberry short cake. Smoothies made with blueberries, orange and banana or coconut shreds and blueberries are a healthy treat. Orange and raspberry liquors complement blueberries cooked down into a pie filling or sauce for cakes.

Spices and Herbs

Sweet spices get along very well with blueberries. These include cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg. Blueberries also pair well with ginger, vanilla and mace. When used in savory dishes, such as soups, meats and poultry, black and red pepper complement the blueberry's flavor. As for herbs, mint goes well with blueberries, as well as cilantro and basil for savory dishes.