Add pizazz to your raspberry drinks and desserts with an array of seasonings. Raspberries freeze well and can then be used frozen or thawed for most desserts and drinks, though fresh raspberries are best when you want the beautiful whole berries to take center stage.


Warm up the cool, summery taste of raspberries with nutmeg to make spiced muffins or bread. Nutmeg-spiced raspberry desserts make the transition from summer to fall using end-of-the-season berries or come as a welcome surprise in a colder season using frozen berries.


Counter the sweetness of raspberries with the subtle spiciness of ginger in breads, muffins and sorbets. Ginger takes raspberry desserts from simple to complex while taking the edge off any excessive sweetness from added sugar and complementing the tartness of the berries.


Sprinkle cinnamon into raspberry mixtures, add it to breads and muffins, or serve cinnamon ice cream or whipped cream with fresh berries for a simple, decadent treat that will surprise guests. Cinnamon adds a warm note to raspberry dishes like crisps, crumbles and cakes.


Mixing sweet, tart raspberries with spicy chipotle peppers creates a delicious combination for sauces and salad dressings for savory dishes. Use chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, a combination of tomatoes, garlic and other spices, to enhance the flavor of your sauce or dressing. The chipotle and raspberry combination works especially well on pork dishes.


Create another interesting pairing with delicate mint and raspberries in iced beverages or frozen desserts. Add mint leaves to raspberry iced tea or a blended drink of ice, raspberries and sugar for a refreshing summer drink, or freeze raspberry sorbet with mint leaves for an even cooler treat.