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Blondes have a natural beach beauty that is a summer advantage. The contrast and details of wearing the right colored swimsuit can play it up. From lounging at a pool to reflecting on the sand to deep sea swimming, there are a few points to think about when selecting the best color for your swimsuit. Consider your skin tone, size, preferred style, and the occasion when picking a bathing suit color.

Skin Tone

The color of your skin plays a part in your swimsuit choice. Lighter skin will want a contrast that isn't too strong: a medium tone like navy, brown or bronze will give the same impact that a black would without the harshness. A bright color is a good uplift also -- oranges and aqua blues are nice color pops on blondes. Gray is not recommended because it won't flatter pale skin. Medium toned skin will look best wearing a color with higher contrast: a white; black; bright red, pink or green will do the trick. Blondes with darker or very tan skin look best in bright colors like yellow, peach, violet, blue, gold, pastel mint, baby blue and white.


For a slimming effect, deeper colors of brown, black and navy are the most slimming. Strategically placed patterns can be beneficial shapers as well. Avoid stripes that are diagonal or horizontal. Regardless of the type you get to "trim" your body, get the correct size. Don't be afraid to go up a size since very often swimsuits are cut smaller than vanity-sized retail clothing.


There are some colors that project a certain spirit. Sexy black, playful blue, innocent white, dramatic gold and fun orange are examples of this.


Where you wear your suit matters. A honeymoon may call for white while deep sea swimming may suit you in a neon orange or pink. A pool side suit will hold up better in a patterned orange than a faded pastel will. Cruise wear may inspire a navy and white sailor design while a bright red makes ocean sailing a good safety color and contrast against blonde locks.