Nose contouring

Powdering one's nose is a common phrase for touching up one's makeup, but it's also a reality for many people that are prone to shiny noses. The leading cause of a shiny nose is an overproduction of oil. The glands that produce oil, also called sebum, are concentrated in the face, neck, and a few other areas, according to WebMD. Rosacea, pregnancy hormones and Parkinson’s disease can also play a role in casting a glistening sheen across the nose.

Oily Skin

Some people have all-over oily skin, so their nose is particularly prone to shininess. Others have combination complexions, meaning their cheeks are dry and demand extra moisturizer but their T-zone—which covers the chin, nose and forehead—requires more frequent cleansing. Soaps, toners, masks and moisturizing creams are available to combat oiliness among all skin types. Complexion problems don’t follow any gender boundaries because both men and women are affected by oily skin.


Rosacea is a skin condition that leaves a redness across the person’s face, along with an orange-peel texture. Facial oiliness can be a symptom of this ailment, which usually afflicts fair-complexioned men and women in their 30s and 40s. Early in the onset of rosacea, a person often notices that her face is flushing more frequently, especially after consuming alcohol. Anyone who is diagnosed with rosacea will need ongoing medical attention that may include oral or topical antibiotics, and should avoid triggers such as spicy foods or exposure to sunshine.

Baby On Board

Hormonal surges during pregnancy can be blamed for shiny noses. Moms-to-be need should avoid any skin care products that contain beta-hydroxy acid or salicylic acid. Gentle cleansers and warm water are effective in keeping expectant mothers’ noses clean without the extra shine.

Parkinson’s Disease

Skin problems sometimes erupt as a side effect to medications used to treat Parkinson’s Disease. Patients report noticing extra oils along the sides of their noses. In some cases, their skin becomes itchy and red. Doctors recommend washing the face twice a day with unscented glycerin soap, using warm water for washing and cold water for rinsing. They also emphasize that people being treated for Parkinson’s Disease should not discontinue their medications in hopes of controlling the outbreaks of oiliness.

Sweet Solution

For a quick and safe way to conceal a shiny nose, mix a little bit of sugar and water and gently spread over the tricky spot. Dab with facial powder.