How to Get Rid of Rosy Cheeks Without Makeup

Blush can work magic for giving you a pretty, rosy glow; but when your cheeks are a little too red, or you suffer from rosacea, you might wish for just the opposite. Makeup is an effective solution for concealing rosy cheeks, but not everybody wants to cake on foundation every day before leaving the house. There are more natural and preventative solutions that can help.


Cold cucumbers can cool down the inflammation that causes flushed cheeks. Keep fresh cucumbers in the refrigerator. Slice the chilled cucumber and apply the slices to your cheeks. Leave them on for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this every day.

A cucumber face mask works the same way as freshly sliced cucumbers. Apply the mask to your cheeks every night.

Cold Water

Hot, steamy water is aggravating to the skin. If you have rosacea or red cheeks, you need to keep the skin cool and calm. Always wash with cold water.

Mild Soap

Wash your face with a mild soap instead of a harsh cleanser. Avoid products that contain alcohol, which can exacerbate redness.

Rose Water

Rose water soothes skin and calms redness. You can spritz on pure rose water or look for creams and masks that contain rose water.


Keeping your face tan can balance your color and neutralize some of the redness. Self-tanners are a better option than suntanning, since UV rays can damage skin, especially if your skin is already sensitive.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Alcohol and spicy foods can cause inflammation to the skin and make your cheeks redder than usual. Stick to mild, anti-inflammatory foods like fiber-rich fruits and veggies, fatty fish, herbs and green tea. Avoid drinking alcohol if you want to keep your complexion clear.