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Lip piercing is a trendy, edgy look, but if you have changed your mind about your lip piercing, or if the hole is stretched or has become infected, there are steps you can take to correct the problem. An infection must be treated as soon as you notice symptoms of pain, swelling, drainage from the piercing and redness. Getting rid of, or correcting a piercing hole, can be difficult. Depending on how long you have had the piercing, the answer might be as simple as removing the jewelery. Healing is different for everyone, as is the tendency to scar, so you may be left with a noticeable mark even after the piercing hole is healed.


Leave the lip jewelry in place. Removing it will cause the wound to close up, potentially sealing infected pus inside and leading to an abscess.

Hold a washcloth soaked with warm water on the inside and outside of the pierced lip twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes each time. This will encourage drainage and remove crusts that have formed around the wound.

Rinse your mouth and the piercing area with antibacterial mouthwash after eating, when getting up in the morning and before bedtime.

Take over-the-counter pain reliever as needed, following package directions for dosage.

See your doctor if the infection does not improve within two to three days, you develop fever or swollen lymph nodes, red streaks appear on the skin around the piercing, or swelling becomes severe.

Removing Hole

Take out your lip jewelry if you no longer wish to have the piercing, and are hoping to be rid of the hole.

Apply an anti-scar gel or cream to the piercing site several times a day, following package directions. It can take many weeks -- or even months -- for the mark to fade.

Visit a plastic surgeon if the hole leaves a scar that does not fade after several months. It is a simple office procedure to correct the hole.


If your skin is prone to scarring, it can be difficult without surgical intervention to get rid of the mark left by piercing.


Do not squeeze or pick at your piercing site. This can cause infection to worsen, or encourage scarring.