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Using paraffin wax has many beneficial effects. Paraffin wax is derived from natural products including forms of beeswax and used in many therapy and cosmetic industries. It helps relieve joint and muscle pain, as well and relieving dry any cracked skin. Many physical and sports therapists use paraffin wax to help treat their patients so that they can do their therapies with reduced amounts of pain.

Softer Skin

Paraffin wax can act as moisturizer that will help give you softer skin. It is especially helpful for people who have severely dry and cracked skin or chronic skin conditions such as eczema. Apply hand lotion before you put your hands in the wax. Coat your hands with a few layers of the paraffin wax and leave on for about five to ten minutes. This treatment will improve and relieve dry skin.

Joint and Muscle Effects

Paraffin wax treatments are recommended for relieving joint pains and for muscle pains and spasms. It also helps in treating sports related injuries and help with people in physical therapy. Paraffin wax works by warming the skin, opening the pores and warming the muscles. This warming effect allows the area to be more thoroughly massaged, stretched and exercised.

Pain Relief

Another effect of paraffin wax is that when the wax is applied to the skin, the warmth opens pores and is absorbed through the skin. The warmth of the paraffin wax increases the blood flow to the affected area and allows greater ease of motion while also reducing pain.

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