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Many health mavens consider juice fasts as the way to bring the body back to a state of optimum health. However, some precautions should be taken with consuming fresh juice. Beet juice, in particular, can have some surprising side effects. Keep some precautions in mind the next time you pull out your juicer to make beet juice.

Temporary Paralysis of Vocal Cords

The Cancer Nutrition Center notes that temporary loss of their vocal cords may occur after drinking beet juice. The Center suggests this effect can avoided by using only organic beets and combining beet juice with other juices, such as carrot and celery.


Liver Toxicity

Beets have a powerful cleansing effect on the body. The Cancer Nutrition Center warns that large amounts of undiluted beet juice may dump toxins into the liver in such large amounts that the liver cannot process them efficiently. People with liver and kidney conditions should consume beet juice only in very small doses.



Beet juice is excellent for constipation because it increases gut motility. However, if you have a tendency to the opposite problem, beet juice can exacerbate that. The Cancer Nutrition Center urges moderation in drinking beet juice because of its strong effect the lower digestive tract. Beet juice is also not recommended for people who suffer from kidney stones, peptic ulcer or duodenum disease.



Undiluted beet juice is a highly concentrated, powerful medicine. The nitrate it contains can slow oxygen uptake, thereby reducing fatigue, according to research published in the "Journal of Applied Physiology." A 1996 issue of "Cancer Letters" noted that beets inhibit the growth of tumors. However, the same power that enables it to heal means many people have a low tolerance for beet juice, experiencing vomiting and general weakness.


Red Stool And Urine

Beet juice changes the appearance of both urine and stool. This is a normal aftereffect due to the color of the juice, and does not indicate internal bleeding. This side effect will can occur even when beets are cooked, or when beet juice is diluted. The journal "Drug Metabolism and Disposition" has published studies on this allergy-like effect, known as beeturia, which occurs in some individuals and not others.




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