Radishes on rustic wooden background

The radish is a vegetable that is considered a root crop. It contains a lot of juice and comes in several colors, including white, red, purple and black. The health properties of the radish are well-documented. It has been found to aid in the treatment and prevention of a great many bodily problems, including the liver where it relates to general health, jaundice and other organs that can indirectly affect the liver.

Liver Function

In general, radishes are good for overall liver function. Along with regulating the production of bilirubin and bile, it can detoxify the liver. The radish can also release enzymes like myrosinase, diastase, amylase and esterase, and these enzymes can keep the liver clean of infection and treat and prevent ulcers of the liver.


Radishes are especially good for those who are suffering from jaundice. The radish aids in stopping the production of and eliminating bilirubin from the liver. Radishes can also help increase red blood-cell production in the liver, which can be depressed by jaundice. Black radishes are considered especially good for jaundice.


Because the liver is part of the digestion process of the human body, the fact that radishes can help aid the body's urination process makes them a good choice in a diet. Radishes are a diuretic, so they increase urine production, can cure inflammation and can eliminate the burning feeling one might have during urination. They can also inhibit urinary infections, which keep all of the bodily processes acting normally, including the liver.


While it hasn't been proved to help in the treatment of liver cancer, radishes contain properties such as vitamin C, folic and anthocyanins that can aid in the treatment---and even cure cancers of the colon, kidneys, intestines and stomach. At the least, the use of radishes in the diet of a cancer patient may keep the cancer from spreading to the liver.

Weight Loss

Overweight people put more pressure on their bodies and their internal organs and that includes the liver. Radishes are considered a very filling food, despite its small size. It is also low in carbohydrates, high in roughage and has plenty of water. All of these are good ingredients if you're looking to lose weight and take pressure off your liver function.