What Are the Causes of Skin Bleaching?

By April Khan

As of 2009, skin bleaching has become so popular that you no longer have to go to a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to have your skin lightened. You can find skin bleaching products at just about any beauty supply or grocery store. Women and men alike bleach their skin for several different reasons.

Bleaching can even out your skin tone.

Skin Pigmentation Problems

Skin problems such as vitiligo can cause the skin to develop patches that are much lighter than the normal skin tone. For this reason, some people with this condition bleach their skin to even out the skin tone.

Changing Skin Color

In certain countries, there is a stigma attached to being darker skinned. Many girls are encouraged from youth to bleach their skin to lighten their color.

Giving the Skin a Glow

Before special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or honeymoons, some women choose to use skin bleaching products to give themselves a glow before their special day.

Over-the-Counter Products

Many skin bleaching products are sold over the counter in the form of lotions, topical solutions, creams, soaps and sprays. Some notable brands as of 2009 were Ambi, Meladerm, and Skin Success.


If you are using skin bleaching products, follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid developing any skin problems or negative health effects. Also, consult your dermatologist before using skin bleaching products to prevent allergic reactions.