Two natural yellow piece of lye soap isolated on white background

Some people take certain kinds of products in their home for granted. Lye soap, a type of soap still used in homes around the world, has multiple benefits that many people fail to consider.


Lye soap is one of the older forms of soap, created with few ingredients. According to Wisegeek, these three simple ingredients are lard, lye and “hard work."


According to Wisegeek, the products for lye soap were simple ingredients found in many homes. Those who owned pigs would find the lard from the pigs; the lye was collected from wood-burning stoves.

Home Benefits

Lye soap can easily be made in the home. While the lye may be slightly risky to work with (too much lye can burn the skin), it is easy and possible to make, saving your home some money every month.

Cleaning Benefits

Lye soap has the great benefit of being good at breaking down dirt, an essential element for soap. Many consider it to be a better soap when it comes to actually cleaning the skin.

Mositurizing Benefits

According to Soap Making Success, the fat that is used in the lye soap (through the lard) provides moisturizing benefits. The oils help to keep the moisture in the skin when the soap is used during a bath or shower.