What Are the Benefits of Kosher Blackberry Wine?

By Pete Danko

Many people ignore kosher blackberry wine except during the Jewish holidays. But while the wine certainly serves an important religious function, it also provides several other important benefits.

Kosher blackberry wine is healthful and surprisingly versatile.

Good for Jews

As a kosher product, kosher blackberry wine allows observant Jews to enjoy wine with meals while upholding Jewish dietary laws. Commercially-produced kosher blackberry wines in the United States--such as the popular Manischewitz brand--often meet the higher "kosher for Passover" standard as well.

Pluses as Wine

Beyond its kosher benefits, studies confirm that wine in general, when consumed in moderation, can improve health. According to the Mayo Clinic, red wines like kosher blackberry wine can help reduce risk of heart disease.

Blackberries and Health

Blackberries are nutrient powerhouses. "Better Nutrition" put blackberries on its list of "10 top antioxidant foods," noting they are are "full of fiber, minerals and vitamins, and loaded with healing antioxidants."

Versatile Ingredient

The "Boston Phoenix" raved about ice cream maker J.P. Licks' Manischewitz Kosher Blackberry Wine Sorbet, and the wine is a common ingredient in southern-style blackberry cobbler and other sweet, fruity desserts.

Works with Chocolate

Chocolate's sweetness clashes with most red wines. "Sunset" wine editor Sara Schneider, however, told CNN that sweet, soft wines--like kosher blackberry wine--pair well with chocolate and chocolate desserts.