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Cardamom and fennel are two separate herbs. They are often combined together in supplements and teas because they both provide compatible benefits. Many of the benefits provided by fennel and cardamom help with the digestive system and pain regulation. None of the benefits of cardamom or fennel have been certified by the FDA. Always consult with a doctor before taking any supplements or herbs for healing.

Digestive System

Both cardamom and fennel are beneficial to the digestive tract. Cardamom is often used to relieve nausea symptoms and even vomiting. Fennel is used to help increase digestive functions and to reduce pain of all kinds, including stomach pain. Drinking fennel and cardamom tea during pregnancy and during times of stomach upset can help relieve the symptoms of nausea.

Soothe Stomach

Cardamom has the benefit of soothing a sour stomach. Indigestion, heartburn, cramps and nausea symptoms can be reduced when cardamom is taken. Cardamom should only be taken by healthy adults and should never be used to cure any medical issue. Always tell your doctor if you are taking any external supplements or teas like cardamom.


Cardamom can be taken to loosen mucus in the chest during times of congestion. The cardamom encourages the body to eliminate the harmful bacteria from the body through the expelling of loose mucus through coughing. Taking several doses of cardamom can encourage the body to cough, which can speed up the healing process. Do not take cardamom in conjunction with other medicines, even over-the-counter medicines.

Dulls Pain

Fennel was often used in the past to dull pain. Fennel can be used to dull any kind of pain, but the results will probably not be noticeable for severe pains. Fennel should only be taken to relieve the pain from mild headaches, cramps and other aches. Any severe pain should be investigated by a doctor.

Blood Pressure

Fennel can sometimes help reduce blood pressure. This benefit has not been evaluated by the FDA and if your doctor has prescribed a blood pressure medication you should continue to take it. Fennel can be used, however, to help keep blood pressure low. A cup of fennel tea can help keep regular blood pressure below the high pressure line.


Fennel is also documented as aiding in reducing depression symptoms. Fennel should never be taken as a cure for depression, but a daily dose of fennel can help keep depression symptoms at bay. If you are taking a depression medication, consult with your doctor before adding fennel to your diet.