What Are the Benefits of Arbonne Protein Shake?

By Keith Allen

Arbonne Protein Shakes are a commercial product marketed as a diet supplement. The shakes are often used by people participating in a body building program or by those looking to lose weight.

Weight Loss Benefits of Arbonne Protein Shakes

Arbonne Protein Shakes vary depending on the flavor but can contain as little as 90 calories. If they are used to replace a meal, they offer a considerable reduction in caloric intake.

Vegetarians and Arbonne Protein Shakes

According to their Web site, arbonne.com, their protein shakes contain no animal products and fit within a vegan diet.

Arbonne Protein Shakes and Body Builders

Arbonne Protein Shakes contain as much as 20 grams of protein from cranberries, rice bran or golden pea. Protein is essential for the body to build muscle.

Arbonne Protein Shakes as a Natural Product

According to arbonne.com the shakes are completely natural. The products contain ingredients such as kelp, alfalfa and ginseng. They are sweetened with stevia to provide a better taste without adding sugar calories. They contain no artificial ingredients such as colors or sweeteners.

Health Benefits of Arbonne Protein Shakes

Arbonne Protein Shakes include 20 vitamins and minerals for overall health. They are high protein with low fat and no cholesterol.