What Are the Benefits of a Cigarette Holder?

By Lolo Parker

A cigarette holder is a long tube that accommodates standard size filtered and non-filtered cigarettes. The cigarette is not directly touched while smoking. Users inhale through the open end of the cigarette holder instead.

Woman holding pink cigarette in holder, close-up of hand
credit: Jeffrey Hamilton/Photodisc/Getty Images


Cigarette holders reduce the amount of germs transferred from the end of the cigarette to the user's mouth. This also eliminates yellow spots on the fingers resulting from nicotine transfer.


These smoking tools are made out of wood, metal, glass or plastic and can be decorated with faux jewels, lending an elegant appearance to the user.

Ejection Systems

According to CigBuyNow.com, cigarette holders with ejection systems allow cigarette butts to be disposed of without touching the actual cigarette.

Health Benefits

Cigarette holders may reduce the amount of smoke inhaled. This means that less tar, nicotine and other harmful substances make their way into your body.

Flavor Filters

Flavor filters inserted into the cigarette holder make cigarette smoke taste more pleasant. Popular flavors include menthol and cherry.