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A favorite drink of partiers everywhere, a Jager Bomb is a combination of Jagermeister, a German herbal liqueur, and an energy drink, traditionally Red Bull. The drink is meant to be a combination of high and low--the drinker gets the "downer" effects of alcohol as well as the "upper" effects of the energy drink.


While precise measurements may change from one bar to the next, the general recipe for a Jager Bomb is a half-can of Red Bull and a 1 1/2 ounce shot of Jagermeister. The Red Bull is poured into a pint glass or mug, and then the shot is dropped into the glass. It is customary to then drink the contents of the glass very quickly.


Often other energy drinks take the place of Red Bull in the recipe. Any kind of carbonated drink in a can that claims to boost energy can be used without changing the recipe drastically. The only alteration would be a slight change in flavor, but because Jager Bombs are drunk so quickly, flavor is not usually a particularly important aspect of the drink. Jagermeister and Red Bull can also be mixed on the rocks, but while the ingredients are the same, this is not a true Jager Bomb. The term "Bomb" is reserved for drinks in which a shot is dropped into another liquid" a Sake Bomb is a shot of sake dropped into beer; an Irish Car Bomb is a shot of Irish cream and whiskey dropped into Irish stout.

Jager Bomb Dominos

Something that has popularized the Jager Bomb is a bar trick called "Jager Bomb Dominos." A row of glasses of energy drink are lined up on a bar, with shots of Jagermeister balanced on top of the rims between two glasses. When the first shot is knocked over into the glass, it taps the next one, dropping it into the next glass, and so on, until all of the shots have been knocked over like a row of dominos. While there is no official body that keeps track of the results, many bars make an event out of attempting to knock down as many drinks as possible. The general consensus is that the record stands at 672; this feat was performed at a bar in Omaha, Neb.


The danger with drinking Jager Bombs lies in its composition: part alcoholic drink, part energy drink. The boost from the energy drink can mask the effects of the alcohol, making the drinker believe he or she is not drunk. The person can than continue to drink without realizing how much alcohol he or she has actually consumed. This can lead to dangerous amounts of alcohol in the system. At best, a nasty hangover will have to be dealt with the next day; at worst, severe alcohol poisoning can occur. Consumption of the drink can also lead to more episodes of drunk driving, as the energy drink makes the drinker feel alert and awake, when in reality the person is far too intoxicated to get behind the wheel.

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